We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a blockchain-empowered transparent, permission-less, and open-source financial ecosystem that eliminates the role of central financial mediators like banking institutions, exchanges, or brokerages, to provide conventional financial instruments. Preferably, it uses blockchain to replace the middleman with a smart contract..

  • Decentralized Exchanges

  • Lending Platforms

  • Prediction Markets

  • Yield farming

  • Prediction Markets

  • Permission-less

Smart Contract Consulting

Smart contracts assist you in trading shares, property, money, or anything that holds value transparently without dispute while eliminating the middleman interference—thus saving time and money for business processes.

Smart Contracts promote automated transactions that are more active, cleaner, and secured. Moreover, Smart Contracts provide complete aid in legal and financial fields, in particular, by simplifying and automating routine processes for which people currently pay huge fees to lawyers and banks by removing middlemen such as retailers from a supply chain.


Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?2021-05-06T10:56:34+02:00

We specialize in Decentralized Business Models, Tokenization of Assets, and Web3 Product Development. Simply put, we incorporate blockchain and related technologies into your business.

We achieve that by adopting an agile, iterative, and value-driven approach. We develop end-to-end solutions for your business model, regardless of your company’s size or industry vertical. Our solutions are tailored on a per-case basis, meaning we work with every client individually to achieve the best possible outcome of our cooperation.

How Does Blockchain Work?2021-05-06T10:55:16+02:00

Initially, the node starts a transaction by signing it with a private key via cryptography.

Once the transaction is validated it is included in blocks called the genesis block.

The new block will become a part of the ledger.

whenever the new block is added, the transaction will be reconfirmed.

Six confirmations are required in a network to consider the transaction final.

Is it Possible to Create a Separate Blockchain For a Business?2021-05-06T10:53:58+02:00

Of course, it is possible. Even Though the public blockchain is open source, we can’t use it to store private records of a business or organization. So, we can leverage the open-source characteristics of the blockchain to build a private blockchain, and after the customization, A business can utilize it to store confidential business data.

What are the Types of Blockchain?2021-05-06T10:53:12+02:00

1. Public Blockchain – It is a decentralized Open Source platform where anyone who has the internet connection can become a part of the blockchain network and can access current and past records and verify transactions. The purpose of a public blockchain is for mining and cryptocurrency exchanging.

Example: Bitcoin, Ethereum

2. Private Blockchain – It is a centralized platform with some restrictions and permissions to join the network. These Blockchains are usually used within an enterprise and organization. The purpose of private Blockchain is voting, supply chain management, digital identity, asset ownership, etc.

Example: Hyperledger, Corda

3. Hybrid Blockchain – It is a combination of both public and private blockchain. This Hybrid Blockchain gives businesses the flexibility to choose what data they want to make public and what data to keep private

What Kind of Data Can Blockchain Store?2021-05-06T10:51:49+02:00

Blockchain is a Distributed database that maintains the details of each transaction in a series of blocks and those transactions will be added to the ledger in chronological order. The Stored transaction details in a block called genesis block.

Normally a block consists of

previous hash(I.e hash of the previous block ),
data(I.e sender address,receiver address,transaction amount);
hash(I.e like a unique digital fingerprint)
nonce(I.e Random value)

How Blockchain Can Be Used In Businesses?2021-05-06T10:50:54+02:00

By eliminating the middleman, Blockchain permits the secure sharing of business processes like business activities, records and contracts between firms and partners in an encrypted manner. Blockchain Uses cryptography principle to store the data which are impossible to hack, duplicate and misuse.

The Transactions will be done on multiple computers in a chain, hence the records are very difficult to alter.

What Is Blockchain?2021-05-06T10:48:40+02:00

Blockchain a public ledger or a distributed database of all bitcoin transactions. It is an open-source technology, information is immutable and anyone can access the details at any time. As Blockchain is a distributed ledger, there will be no control or central authority of records stored.

Anyone in the network can add the data and cannot be deleted or altered further. Usually, the blockchain stores the data in terms of blocks, and those blocks are linked together like a chain and will be encrypted for security.  To validate the transaction here Blockchain uses Proof of Work Mechanism.

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